For various reasons, some people are much more likely to develop toenail fungus and other conditions that damage the nail and cause the nail to lose its natural look. Anna has been trained in an innovative technique – KeryFlex Nail Restoration System – which improves the appearance of unsightly nails by using a light-cured composite resin to create a durable, yet flexible, artificial nail.

KeryFlex is a safe, in-office application that restores the appearance of an individual’s natural nails. The system allows for a certified provider to remodel nails affected by fungus, defects and trauma. The composite resin creates a flexible, non-porous nail that allows the remaining natural nail to grow. The KeryFlex nail is an immediate cosmetic improvement providing a natural-looking nail.



How is the procedure performed?

Your podiatrist will first prepare the damaged nail as much as possible using a nail clipper and drill. Once the nail is prepared, the process of restoring the nails’ appearance begins by applying a honey-like resin. This is hardened with an ultraviolet light and your podiatrist will then mould, shape and smooth the nail until it’s the proper shape.

How long does the procedure take?

In most cases, the procedure can be completed in 30 minutes or less but this depends on the number of nails needing reconstruction.

Does the procedure hurt?

This procedure is painless and feels very much like getting a pedicure.

How long must I wait to apply nail polish?

A KeryFlex nail is unaffected by nail polish, acetone and detergents. Nail polish may be applied immediately after the completion of the procedure.

Is KeryFlex a cure for fungal nails?

No, KeryFle is an aesthetic procedure designed to immediately improve the appearance of toenails damaged by fungus, defects or trauma.

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