Do you have an annoying little secret?

Don’t want to be the only one wearing enclosed shoes all summer?

Well never fear, because KeryFlex has a solution for you. Everyone desires to have beautiful toenails that are perfectly pedicured. However, a medical or physical complication or foot issue can make this impossible. Thankfully, you can restore unappealing toenails using the KeryFlex Nail Restoration procedure.

KeryFlex uses a composite resin to create a flexible, non-porous healthy nail in a quick 30-60 minute pain-free procedure, to give you the confidence you need to rock sandals and thongs this summer season and all year round. KeryFlex is a treatment compatible with human tissue, which means it doesn’t harm or irritate the skin or nail, and it is unaffected by solvents, nail polish, nail polish remover, SNS, or shellac.

KeryFlex is not suitable for heavily infected fungal nails, but is instead a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the appearance of toenails that have been damaged by fungus, defects, or trauma, and should only be used once these conditions have been resolved. Here at East Adelaide Podiatry we can provide consultation to advise on your suitability. For more information about KeryFlex, visit their website at


But how does it work?

Well, KeryFlex is a completely painless, in-office treatment that gives your nails a beautiful natural pedicured appearance. Once your podiatrist has determined that KeryFlex is a suitable treatment for you, the damaged nail is trimmed and filed down as much as possible. A bonding agent is then used, followed by a resin which is hardened with an ultraviolet light. The nail is moulded and shaped and then filed and smoothed down, before a sealant is applied and hardened with the ultraviolet light again. The procedure can usually be completed within 60 minutes, depending on how many damaged nails require treatment.

How long does the procedure take?

In most cases, the procedure can be completed in 30 minutes or less but this depends on the number of nails needing reconstruction.

How long will it last?

A KeryFlex nail will usually last between 6-8 weeks before another resin application is needed.

Does the procedure hurt?

This procedure is painless and feels very much like getting a pedicure.

How long must I wait to apply nail polish?

A KeryFlex nail is unaffected by nail polish, acetone and detergents. Nail polish may be applied immediately after the completion of the procedure.

Is KeryFlex a cure for fungal nails?

No, KeryFlex is an aesthetic procedure designed to immediately improve the appearance of toenails damaged by fungus, defects or trauma.

How much does it cost?

KeryFlex treatment is considered a cosmetic medical procedure and can have partial health insurance cover, depending on your policy.  

KeryFlex treatments are becoming increasingly popular at East Adelaide Podiatry, and there have been nothing but amazing reviews for the KeryFlex nail procedure. If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your damaged toenails and get back to those open toe shoes with confidence, book now at or give us a call on (08) 8210 9410 for more information.  

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