How we Design Orthotics for You

Orthotics are load modifying and supporting devices that are inserted into your footwear to give your feet the support they need while assisting them in their natural function. 

At East Adelaide Podiatry we use an advance scanning tool that takes a 3D image of your foot or use a fibreglass casting option depending on the device that will be suitable to your needs. We then use specialised orthotic software to design orthotics customised to your feet. 

Your Podiatrist will recommend a custom device if off-the-shelf prefabricated devices are not a suitable fit or function for your feet. 
We pride ourselves in prescribing custom devices that will facilitate improved movement patterns while not being too bulky to fit into many of your pairs of shoes!

We maintain a close relationship with our orthotic labs, Paromed and The Orthotic Factory, as good communication is key to creating the optimum outcomes in orthotic designs for our clients.

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How do we assess your foot pain to prescribe orthoses?

We pride ourselves in listening to a detailed history of your injury, so that we can put ourselves “in your shoes” so-to-speak!
We recognise it is important to assess you in walking and any other functional movement that aggravates your pain – of course within safe limits! We will generally start with watching you walk and assess you in some functional movements/tests, before testing your individual muscles for strength and joints for range of motion. 

Sometimes scans, such as, x-ray, ultrasound or MRI are needed to diagnose the specific structure that is injured. Thankfully your Podiatrist can refer for such images, so there’s no need for an extra GP appointment. 

It is important to recognise that most conditions require a combination of treatments to fully resolve the issue. Orthoses are used in “load modification” and can be excellent in relieving pain. However, it is still important to strengthen the foot and the lower limb accordingly to support each other. Our Podiatrists assess and address movement patterns further up the body, not just at the feet and will prescribe exercises to compliment your orthotic therapy. 

We will also assess if there are any joint ROM limitations, and can address these directly with hands-on treatment at the foot level through Foot Mobilisation Therapy (FMT). This treatment can also help you tolerate your new orthoses better. Our Podiatrists are all trained by Ted Jedynak who leads the way in the area of Foot Mobilisation Therapy with his acclaimed and accredited courses.

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