What made you want to be a Podiatrist ?

September 30, 2016


Having been a Podiatrist for 25 years, one of the most common questions I've encountered has been 'What made you want to be a Podiatrist ?'

I thought I'd take this opportunity to interview my colleague Anna McIntosh on this very question. 

So Anna 'How many times do you estimate you've been asked this question in your career?'


A - 'Well Natalie, this is a very frequent question, if not almost a daily one from both patients, friends and even acquaintances.'


N - 'Do you have a standard answer to this question ?'

A - ' I look back with amusement, as I literally fell into this profession by accident. I was working in my school holidays at a Resthaven daycare centre and helping out professions like Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Podiatry, and loving the interaction with the elderly residents.  After year 12, I had missed out on gaining entry into Physiotherapy which was my first choice to study at University, with an interest in Human Body movement, musculoskeletal conditions and physical therapy.  The Podiatrist at the daycare centre suggested an option would be to start studying Podiatry and then look to transfer to second year Physiotherapy.  I took that advice and enrolled in Podiatry.  Ironically, the friends I met and the engaging study found me immersed in the world of Podiatry and I never looked back.'


N - 'Do you have any regrets about that now, or would you change anything?'

A - 'Absolutely not.  I have found my niche, and I am where I am meant to be.'


N - 'I now wonder if a more pertinent question is, what has made you stay in Podiatry over 25years?'

A - 'that is an interesting question, ..........the landscape of the Podiatry profession has changed significantly over those years, it is evolving continuously.  I have been challenged with new skills and knowledge, building on the solid foundation of timely experience and that keeps me inspired.'

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