Running as a Lifestyle

October 24, 2016

So the other week at the Melbourne Marathon Festival,  I didn't run my 9th Marathon as I had planned which is a long story and could be another blog for another day.  I did however run my 19th Half Marathon, which was incredibly enjoyable. 

What I loved about that decision was embracing what running means to me, and so much of that is the lifestyle that comes with that.  I was reminded of this on the Thursday morning before heading to Melbourne, I arrived at my 6am running group in taper mode, and set off with the walkers in preparation for the upcoming marathon on Sunday.  There generally is a few walkers in our running group, either those that are nursing injuries, heavily pregnant, tapering for a big event, or no longer able to run due to age related degenerative conditions.  One of the many things I love about our running group, is that is ok, as long as you're there on time and ready to go everybody is welcome.   So on this particularly morning I got to walk along with Ken and Dougie, and talk marathons & ultra-marathons, and as much as I already knew the passion they both had for running, I did not know that between them they have run over 100 marathons in all corners of the globe, and at some very amazing finish times too, faster than I'll ever be able to dream of.  I'm inspired that they are still so involved in the running community, the routine of being out and about early in the morning, keeping physically and fit and active, and socialising with other runners.  I think of all the famous athletes we look to as role models, but am always more inspired by the quiet humble role models I meet in everyday life. 



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