The Happy Runner

November 18, 2016

As a Podiatrist and a runner, I think it sometimes get assumed that I'm obsessed with the biomechanics of running and orthotics, and maybe slowly I am becoming that way, but that's not where my love affair with running started, if anything I would consider myself a runner first and foremost and a Podiatrist second. 

A few much younger and much faster colleagues described me as a Happy Runner recently, and I think it wasn't meant as a compliment, but I take that description.


Thursday morning I was running down Stanley Street North Adelaide, when I took this photo.  The morning light streaming through the trees, made a beautiful little love heart in the branches.  


I know I'd probably run faster and more efficiently if I wasn't stopping to think about taking photo's, but I was running along Stanley Street, I was thinking how pretty it was, and thinking that my Grandmother was born in a little cottage, 85 years ago, just where I took that photo, and I was thinking about what the culture of the street would have been like in that day, and the living history and connection to family I have when I run down that street, and to look up and see the love heart, is what I love about running, the mediation and peaceful thoughts that enter my mind as I put one foot in front of the other.  


So yes as a Podiatrist, I also love thinking about what my subtalar joint might or might not be doing as I run, and what impact my technique and shoes has on that, and how I apply that in my practice.  But I am most definitely a Happy Runner, and I view my running patients from that perspective.




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