Everyone desires to have beautiful toenails that are perfectly pedicured. However, a medical complication or foot issue can make this impossible. Thankfully, you can restore unappealing toenails using the KeryFlex Nail Restoration procedure. For your KeryFlex nail restoration in Adelaide, East Adelaide Podiatry is the ideal podiatry centre to visit. We provide comprehensive and compassionate care to patients having foot, ankle, and toenail problems.

East Adelaide Podiatry specialises in providing a wide selection of specialist ankle, foot care, and nail restoration procedures. Our KeryFlex Nail Restoration is ideal for individuals with unattractive or unsightly toenails. With this, you can achieve the lovely, perfectly pedicured toenails you always wanted. We serve patients who need toenail restoration across Adelaide, Australia, and nearby cities.

What is the KeryFlex Toenail Restoration System?

Developed by Pod-ADvance, Inc., the KeryFlex toenail restoration system is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that is used to restore damages inflicted on toenails by medical complications, fungus, defects, trauma, or certain podiatric conditions.

What’s more, the KeryFlex toenail restoration system uses a unique, composite patented synthetic resin gel to create an artificial toenail which looks exactly like a healthy, natural toenail. The resin gel is insoluble in water, and the procedure is absolutely safe.


The Procedure – How Does the KeryFlex Toenail Restoration System Work?

Furthermore, the KeryFlex nail restoration is a cosmetic procedure which isn’t designed to cure a foot disease. The procedure seals a previously prepared nail bed. Therefore, making the nail bed more resistant to recurring infections. Also, the KeryFlex nail restoration system makes it possible for patients to treat fungal infections using topical treatments.

The procedure starts by preparing the patient’s nail bed. Once this is done, the podiatrist will apply the special resin gel formula, thus, creating a non-porous but flexible artificial nail. With this, the patient can enjoy lovely feet and beautiful toenails. Besides, your nail bed will now have ample time to re-grow a new, healthy, natural nail.

What are the Benefits of the KeryFlex Nail Restoration?

Some benefits of the KeryFlex Nail Restoration procedure include:

  • Creates a flexible and durable artificial nail that looks entirely natural
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover can be used on a KeryFlex nail.
  • Doesn’t bond to the skin nor cause skin irritation.
  • KeryFlex nail can be easily removed.
  • KeryFlex nail is insoluble in water, and the procedure is absolutely safe.

Who is a Candidate of the KeryFlex™ Nail Restoration Procedure?

However, the KeryFlex nail restoration system may not be for everyone. The procedure is suitable for patients suffering from the following mild to moderate conditions:

  • Toenail fungus
  • Brittle and splitting nails
  • Horizontal ridges
  • Nail shape changes due to injury
  • Discolored nails
  • Spoon shaped nails
  • Discoloration in toenails
  • Beau’s lines

If you have ingrown toenails, suspicious pigmented lesions on the nail, peripheral neuropathy, arterial insufficiency, or peripheral vascular disease, you CANNOT use the KeryFlex Nail Restoration. Also, patients who are pregnant or allergic to its ingredients should avoid using it.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

In addition, applying the KeryFlex nail restoration procedure only take between 10 and 15 minutes.

Are there Adverse Effects?

The procedure is safe. There has been absolutely no reported cases of adverse effects or complications from patients who have done the treatment.

Turn to East Adelaide Podiatry for Your KeryFlex Nail Restoration

At East Adelaide Podiatry, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and top-class foot care and nail restoration services. Our podiatry specialists uses state-of-the-art podiatry equipment to diagnose your condition and apply the KeryFlex nail restoration procedure if you are a candidate.

Call today to speak with our trusted experts. We can recommend other treatment procedures for you if you are not a candidate of KeryFlex nail restoration. With us, you are certain to get quality and compassionate foot care services that will exceed your expectations. A wonderful experience awaits you.

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