An innovative and immediate solution to Heel pain.

Does this sound similar to you – “I wake up from bed in the morning and can’t put my heels on the ground? Eventually I hobble around until it warms up. Finally, I manage to walk however when sitting or resting for a moment it starts again.  What is wrong? “

If you have experienced heel pain, then you have come to the right place to ask for advice about what went wrong, what to do & how to get rid of your heel pain. So most importantly, if you experience heel pain, don’t ignore it. If you experience heel pain for more than a few weeks, don,t just ignore it because we know that your pain may not go away on its own. Now, if you want to read more about heel pain, just continue reading but you might have established something called plantar fasciitis – a stressed ligament extending from your heel bone under your arch to your toes. 

So what can I do? Good question Try these two simple steps:

heel pain


1. Press your feet over a frozen drink bottle – this helps stretch the ligaments & reduce inflammation 

2. If your shoes are 12 months or more, change them to add support

If this does not resolve the pain for more than 1-2 weeks, order an appointment with the East Adelaide Podiatry or contact them to make an appointment.

Types of pain (pain, throbbing, burning, tingling), location of pain (lower heel, heel side, back of the heel) & when pain occurs (morning, night time, wake up from rest) will help us determine the cause & treatment of pain your heels.

Diagnosing heel pain can be complicated & therefore important to assess & diagnose heel pain appropriately by Podiatrist Adelaide. Anna McIntosh at the East Adelaide Podiatry is trained to assess, diagnose & treat heel pain. Commonly used treatments can include footwear advice, stretching & strengthening muscles/tissues, sports taping, use of acupuncture, dry needling, low-level & cold laser therapy, activity modification & flexible orthotics. If you suffer from heel pain, contact us or make an appointment by clicking “Book Appointment” with them today.

At East Adelaide Podiatry we provide a variety of specialist foot care that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs. Are clinic is conveniently located in the Adelaide CBD for easy access. We would love to have a look at your feet, so coming in and say hello I would have to have a chat with you. 

When should you see a podiatrist?

You may be experiencing pain in your feet, ingrown or discoloured skin/nails, corns, skin rashes, foot odour, foot injuries, broader health problems such as diabetes or arthritis, recurrent tripping or falling, problems fitting comfortably in your regular shoes; or if you notice swelling, lumps, or redness on your feet or legs.

It is a common misconception that painful feet are a normal side effect from everyday activities. Yet research shows that only a fraction of individuals suffering from sore feet seek out professional advice.

Just as you would visit your dentist for a toothache, you should visit a podiatrist if you suffer from painful or tired feet and/or lower limbs.